Medicare Open Enrollment

With all of its different choices in plans and options, Medicare can be a difficult program to understand. Too often, people who try to enroll in Medicare feel so overwhelmed by the complexity of the program that giving up entirely feels like the only option. Rather than attempt to grasp all of the information about plans and parts in one chunk, it’s easiest to try to understand one area of Medicare at a time. In this article we’ll be talking about open enrollment and what it means for you.

The Medicare open enrollment period is currently from October 15 to December 7. The enrollment period is the time frame during which one can either enroll in Medicare for the first time or choose to change their coverage to a plan that better suits their needs. The enrollment period is subject to change, so it’s important to know the set time frame each year. During the open enrollment period, people can choose to change their Medicare Advantage Part C plan or Part D plan. Those who have never been involved in the Medicare program can also use the enrollment period to get started on one of these plans.

Before one enrolls for Medicare or changes their plan, they need to take a good look at the differences between Part C and Part D. These two plans are very different and offer participants different services and options. For instance, the original Medicare programs didn’t offer dental, vision, or hearing care but, when one enrolls in Part C, they can then receive this important care that they may need. People must carefully consider what they will need from Medicare, and then make sure that they choose a plan that will best meet those needs.

If one signs up for a Medicare plan during open enrollment and then find out that the plan is not right for them, they can choose to go back to original Medicare. This can be done during the months of January and February, and gives participants the opportunity of try out different plans without the fear of being stuck with something they won’t like.

If you are about to take advantage of Medicare’s open enrollment, don’t wait until the last minute to make decisions; instead, inform yourself about the differences of Part C and Part D, and decide how adding one or both of them to your plan might affect your health coverage. Make sure that you are aware of what you need and are choosing a plan that will cover you.

The Medicare open enrollment is a fantastic opportunity for people to join Medicare or get even better coverage. Take advantage of this by researching your options and understanding what you want to receive from your Medicare plan.