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Respecting your privacy is important to us. We have written our standard privacy policy below. We only collect the information necessary to evaluate your insurance needs. We do not distribute or share your information, and our website is secure. If you have further questions or require more information, please send us a message through the "Contact Us" page.

The following compromises the Privacy Policy for The Site and articulates our business practices on what information is needed, used, and collected by the Site. In agreeing to use the Site, you agree that you have read and consented to the terms of the Privacy Policy. Your general time on the Site is a part of the Legal Data, which also incorporates the Privacy Policy.

This is not a publicly owned website, nor should it be considered to be a government writing on Medicare/Medicaid. This site's purpose is to distribute information to its users on the Medicare system in laymen's terms, and to provide access to compare Medicare options and obtain free quotes. It is not meant to serve as legal or federal entity. The web address of the United States government is:

The information contained in this site is for personal use only, and it is not intended to serve as or to replace legal or professional information or advice on Medicare. If you have been diagnosed with an illness or disease, ask a medical professional or administrator about treatment, medicinal regime, payment options, or any changes to exercise and diet.

This website was created to solicit insurance, and you will be contacted by a representative of an insurance company. Additional insurance plans are not a part of, nor are they endorsed by, the federal government, nor Medicare.

Age Restrictions:

You must be over the age of 18 to use, or give information to, this Site

Residential Regulations and Rules:

In using this site, you are stating that you are a resident of the United States of American.

Gathering Data:

Personal Information

Through many avenues, including but not limited to: the information contained in the Application and user information, online forms, comments, emails completed on the Site; this Site collects personal information. In reading this, you acknowledge that you are aware that information pertaining to your finances, health, and other areas is being collected by the Site.

Other Information

The site could collect other information, such as user activity or profile preferences, that inform the demographic/average user of the site.

Why is personal data necessary?

Different insurance companies require different personal information, and since we pull from a large pool of companies, we ask the questions that several different companies use so that your options are not limited.


We use gathered information to fill multiple of business and other needs. This information could be used in processing an application, relay information about goods/services, give quotes, or other offers or information that could benefit you. It also helps us to learn which sections of the site are most helpful to our users through the evaluation of length of stay, website traffic before/after logging into our site, or other generalities. We may share such information with third parties at any time in a number of ways.

The data supplied in your application could be given to insurance agents, brokers, or representatives that could use your email address, telephone number, physical mailing address, or other ways, to offer a quote. We are neither responsible nor liable for any violation of our, or their own, Terms of Use or Privacy Policy that such a person commits.

Your information may also be shared with corporations dealing in marketing or technology. Your information could be sold, shared, aggregated or non-personal information, to a third party in the event of a merger, change in administration, ownership of company, liquidation/majority change in assets, or consolidation, sell- off of most or all of our assets in this section of business.

If you have committed or are suspecting of committing a crime, we have the right and the legal obligation to turn over any information requested or required by law enforcement. Additionally, we must protect the rights and safety of ourselves and our users, and if we suspect you are involved or to protect or defend our rights or the rights or well-being of our users or if you are involved, under suspicion, of committing a crime. Such investigations can and will take place without a warrant, court order, or subpoena.


Our Site, and its application form, use the encryption of data in order to maintain the security of information given to our Site. Our Site, in spite of taking all sensible precautions and steps to protect such information, we cannot guarantee without fail that, because of the open Internet, any and all of such information given directly to us or transferred to us, will be fully prevented from and safeguarded against outside access. As such, our Site expressly disclaims liability and legal responsibility for any illegal access, theft, loss, interception, or damage made against either data or communications held on our Site. By using the Site, you consent to both such risks and your full comprehension of them.

Consent to Processing:

In filling out any forms, applications, and other arenas of personal information, you signify your comprehension and acceptance that your information could be transferred and/or collected by and in both the United States and other nations and territories.

By entering in and submitting personal information to our Site, you are giving your consent that Agents, Representatives, Brokers, and other professionals involved in the Insurance area to call, email, fax, or contact you in any way. Please note: such consent is given regardless of your phone number(s) listing on a national or local Do Not Call List.


We cannot control all the links to external Sites posted to our pages. We remind users that such outside sources and references have different Privacy Policies and are entirely separate from our company.

Your Acceptance of this Policy:

When you use the Site, you are automatically accepting our Privacy Policy. If you disagree with part or all of this statement, then do not visit our Site. Your acceptance also gives us the right, at any point, to update, change, add, or remove, sections of our Privacy Policy -- so please check this page periodically. If you notice any changes to the policy and continue to use the Site, you are automatically accepting any changes.

If you still have questions concerning our Privacy Policy, please click on the "Contact Us" page of our website and send an email to the Site.

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